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Why Holistic ? Living A Healthy Lifestyle Our mission at A Natural Pet Pantry is to provide education and help you improve your pet’s quality of life.  Holistic solutions  take into consideration all of the  factors that may affect your pet’s well-being.  One of the most important of these factors is what you choose to feed them.  Years ago when asked “What should I feed my dog or cat?  We were told by authorities in the field to feed   ”A balanced commercially made dry dog or cat food – and no table scraps – you’ll upset their stomachs.”  Over the years, opinions as to how we should feed our pets have changed and we now have many healthy choices depending on your pet and lifestyle.  Most of the chronic disease processes that we see in our domestic pets can be caused by long periods of inappropriate feeding.  There is not just one perfect dog or cat food, but we have the knowledge to help you make the best choice for your pet. Our pets – just like us – are what we eat! The Benefits of Holistic Pet Products Good   nutrition   is   essential   for   overall   well-being.   Holistic   foods   have   no   by- products.   At   Amy’s   Natural   Pet   Pantry,   our   products   contain   absolutely   no corn,    wheat    or    soy    and    also    no    fillers,    artificial    colors    or    chemical preservatives. These products offer many health benefits including: Reduction in skin ailments and allergies Increased vitality Healthier weight Fewer digestive disorders Stronger Immune systems Proper   nutrition   is   the   foundation   from   which   you   build   a   better   quality   of life    and    increase    the    longevity    of    your    pet,    but    a    holistic    approach encompasses   other   aspects   as   well.   At   Amy’s   Natural   Pet   Pantry   we   offer   a wide   selection   of   nutritional   supplements,   chemical-free   flea   and   parasite control   products,   eco-friendly   toys,   beds,   training   aids   and   supplies   that will all help you and your pet live a happier, healthier life. Still   have   questions   about   going   holistic?   Call   us   today   at   (941)244-2260   or email us for more information. Our goal is to be your source for products and information to keep your pets healthy!
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