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Responsible Pet Training with Michelle McConnell All of Michelle’s training methods are reward-based and positive. No aversive training. No choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, etc. are allowed. Hand held 6 foot leash and regular collar or harness recommended. Collar/harness recommendations may change as Michelle gets to know your dog and see what would work best.   All classes are 6 week classes and are $100 payable at the beginning of class. Each session runs between 45 minutes to 1 hour.   Puppy Training and Behavior Class Call for next class schedule  Class designed for dogs 6 months (ish) and younger who have had no prior formal training. Lots of appropriate socialization and work on focus and attention. We will work on basic informal obedience – sit, down, stay, recall, and walking nicely on a leash – all in a fun setting that puppies and their owners will enjoy. Puppy class is a great building block for future classes, and also teaches the basics skills that are required for a puppy to be a great family member and companion.  Depending on the class – we also address any lingering potty training issues or other typical puppy behavioral problems. 6 session class   $100   Canine Good Citizen Prep Class Call for next class schedule This class is designed for adult dogs with some prior training – or quick learners.  The goal at the end of the 6 sessions will be to “test” the dogs for Canine Good Citizen Certification (  This a certification through the AKC that is open to all breeds of dogs and mixes that certifies they are good citizens of their community. Ten tasks are required for completion and these will be introduced and practiced during class.  Testing is not required at the end, so no pressure.  If you need more time we can test at a later date or not at all – its entirely up to you. 6 sessions $100 no additional testing fee – there is a fee through the AKC to register once the test is passed.   Adult Dog Training and Behavior Class Call for next class schedule This class will be structured for older dogs who have had no other formal education.  We will work on focus and attention, and all of the other tasks of puppy class.  We will also combine some of the exercises from the CGC test, and these dogs can try for their CGC at the end of this class if they so desire.  Walking nicely on leash is typically something we work on frequently, but the class structure is open to work on a variety of issues that may arise and that will all vary depending on who is in the class.  6 session class $100